Thursday, Septemeber 26th, 2024 
9:00 AM CST - 4:00 PM CST 
Friday, September 27th, 2024
9:00 AM CST - 4:00 PM CST 


Michael Bohinc

Michael Bohinc is a highly experienced accountant and the owner of Keeping Score, Inc., a financial management and accounting service catering to contractors in Cleveland, Ohio. Beyond his own business, Michael also serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Norhio Plumbing, Inc., a family-owned plumbing company located in Aurora, Ohio, a position he has held since 1988. With a remarkable tenure of over 35 years, he has developed expertise in financial and business management within the plumbing heating-cooling industry.


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September 26-27, 2024 Premier Coaching High Impact 2-Day Workshop 

Topics we are going to cover:

  • My Story:

    • Growing up in a family plumbing business (Norhio Plumbing, Inc.).
    • Involvement on the business side rather than as a plumber.
    • Journey as both a contractor and an advisor for other contractors.
  • Understanding Overhead and Break-Even:

    • Components of selling price for labor.
    • Breakdown of labor and overhead costs.
    • Definition and significance of a billable hour.
    • Methods to calculate break-even price and selling price for labor.
    • Overview of average industry profits.
  • Financial Management:

    • Key financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows.
    • Importance and creation of budgets.
    • Introduction to KPIs and benchmarking.
    • Detailed process of benchmarking, types, and the importance of financial benchmarking in the PHC industry.
  • Retirement Planning:

    • Steps and considerations in the retirement planning process.
    • Assessment of current financial situation and setting retirement goals.
    • Projection of expenses and income.
    • Development of a savings plan and regular review/adjustments.
    • Overview of different retirement plans available.
  • Succession Planning:

    • Importance of committing to the succession planning process.
    • Formation of a succession planning team.
    • Assessment of current business positions and future vision.
    • Identification and training of potential successors.
    • Business valuation and transfer process.
    • Implementation and review of the succession plan.
  • Family Business Issues:

    • Addressing family-related issues in a business context.
    • Establishing a chain of command and resolving control issues.
    • Creating a shared vision and setting goals.
    • Developing documented systems, policies, and procedures.
    • Improving communication and leadership within the family business.
  • Systems, Processes, & Procedures:

    • Importance of an organizational chart.
    • Emphasis on the E-Myth Principle: owner mindset versus technician mindset.
    • Implementation of job descriptions and ensuring the right fit for roles within the organization.
  • Giving Back:

    • Importance of contributing to the community and industry.
    • Building a legacy and highlighting accomplishments with contracting clients.
    • Recognition through awards and the impact of giving back.
  • Conclusion:

    • Recap of key points discussed during the workshop.
    • Encouragement to implement learned strategies.
    • Final thoughts and motivational message for participants.
Alliance Premier 2-day workshops give you unprecedented, one-on-one access to coaching and training by high performing contractors who have been int he trenches, just like you! This is an interactive workshop where you will have an opportunity to work on YOUR BUSINESS.

Take your business to the next level:

Who should attend this course?
While anyone who is interested may attend this course, the target audience is: 
  • Owner/CEO/President
  • General Manager
What you need to bring:
It is always useful to bring a laptop or tablet with you to a training course.
A catered lunch will be available for attendees for each day of the course. 

What you need to bring:
It is always useful to bring a laptop or tablet with you to a training course.
A catered lunch will be available for attendees for each day of the course. 

Cancellation Policies: 

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