Looking For A Great Plumber?




Youve Found One!


Youre thinking about selecting a plumbing contractor who belongs to the Service Roundtable.  Congratulations.  Youre thinking about selecting a contractor with a sincere desire to serve the customer (i.e., you) well, to employ industry best practices, and to continuously improve.


How do we know?  Its simple.  Only contractors interested in superior service, best practices, and continuous improvement belong.  The Service Roundtable is a private, membership based contractor alliance focused on performance improvement.




Better Resources


Contractors in the Service Roundtable gain access to resources other contractors lack.  These include communication tools, training resources, industry best practices, and a real time network with literally tens of thousands of years of contractor experience to solve problems.  More important than the resources are the motivations behind membership.



Obsessed With Improvement


Contractors join the Service Roundtable for one overriding reason:  they are obsessed with improvement.  Each member wants to operate the best plumbing service company in the area.  Each wants to learn from the best in the nation.



An Attitude of Service


Too many plumbers seem to want to get by or do the minimum, which explains why many plumbers have such a poor reputation.  This is not the attitude of Service Roundtable members.


The attitude of a Service Roundtable member is to do more than you expect, to surprise and delight you, and perform so well you will become a customer for life, who refers others.  Service Roundtable members strive:


      To actively listen to your requests,

      To be responsive to your needs,

      To inform you about all options so you can make informed decisions,

      To act as guests in your home,

      To be polite and courteous at all times,

      To be honest in all interactions, and

      Most of all, to do what they say theyre going to do.


Does that mean Service Roundtable members will be perfect?  By no means.  No one is perfect.  However, members of the Service Roundtable pursue perfection.  Moreover, they take corrective action when they fall short.



Old Fashioned Workmanship


Service Roundtable members are more technically sophisticated than the average plumbing contractor.  Its a prerequisite to membership.  Yet, technology cannot take the place of old fashioned workmanship.  Service Roundtable members know this.  A great attitude is worthless without skilled craftsmanship.  You want it fixed fast, fixed right, and fixed the first time, every time.



Youre Improving The Odds


Until you try a plumbing company, you can never really be sure how good the company performs.  By selecting a plumber belonging to the Service Roundtable, you are dramatically improving the odds you will have a pleasant experience.  Youre improving the odds because you know you are selecting a company willing to invest in service, in training, and in improvement.


2006 Service Roundtable