Hall of Leaders

In 2004, the Service Roundtable created a new industry award. It was a different award. It recognizes individuals, not companies. Those recognized do not need to be members of the Service Roundtable, though members of the Service Roundtable nominate them. The award recognizes outstanding individuals who lead through service to their industry and the people in their industry. These are Servant Leaders. The Servant Leader Award is presented rarely, in recognition of a lifetime of service to others. A marble obelisk is presented to the recipient.

Engraved on the obelisk is the Following...


The truest, most noble form of leadership
is that of ‘servant leadership.’
The Servant Leader leads by example, not command.
The Servant Leader is compelled to help others, to serve.
The Servant Leader Award recognizes individuals
who have selflessly devoted a lifetime
to serving others in their field.
They are servants first, who have become notable leaders
through their service to their fellows, enriching us all.